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Grow your business with the best Web Designing and Development Company in Kolkata

Are you looking for the best web designing company in Kolkata to give your business a boost? Here we are for supporting you in your endeavor. Let us know how we will help you to achieve your target.
Our exclusive web development process: Nowadays, making just an attractive site is not enough. Instead, giving importance on features of the site and its compatibility with different platforms is equally important. From us, you will get wide range of web designing solutions which can help you to make a perfect site for your business and target audience. We enrich your site with the following
PHP: It is one of the most widely used open source languages which are used for web development. In our web development company in Kolkata, you will meet experienced PHP programmers who can make a dynamic, feature-rich and faster site for you using it.
.Net: It is another popular framework used for web development. Our team of experts uses .Net for creating a highly secured website for you quickly.
Drupal: It is another excellent customizable platform for web development. Our web development company in Kolkata uses it for making a mobile and SEO friendly site for you. We also use it for content management.
Magento: Magento is an effective platform for e-commerce sites. We use it in your site to provide you full control on look, function and features of your e-commerce site.
C#: In our organization, we use this object-oriented language to develop a secured and robust site for you. However, our developers are able to create an excellent user-interface for the site using this language.
Jquery: It is another tool used in our company for making your site attractive. Using it, we add effects and animation to your site. In addition to the above technologies, we also use the latest technologies such as ruby-on-rail, Sharepoint, Zend and DotNetNuke for making excellent site.

Our web designing process:

In todays tight competition making a site eye-catching is crucial for attracting traffic. At our web designing company in Kolkata, we pay attention to attractiveness of your site also. The designing techniques which we incorporate to your site are as follows:
Web designing: We have special web designing team which can understand what is required for making your site beautiful without affecting its functionality.
Graphic designing: Nowadays, graphic design has become one of the most essential parts of web designing process. Our team of the best graphic designers decorates your site with visual and textual contents for helping you to deliver your messages to target audience successfully.
Flash designing: A website cannot make attractive without animation and vector graphics. We use the best flash designing techniques for incorporating those in your site while keeping it lightweight.
Illustrations: Use of illustrations is another effective technique for helping your target audience to understand about your products and services. Our team of illustrators supports you for this purpose too.
Logo designing: A nicely designed logo must be present at your site for creating a unique identity of your brand. Our logo designers make an excellent logo and put it to your site for making you more recognizable to the audience.
Banner designing: Your promotions cannot be completed without use of properly designed banners. Our Web designing company in Kolkata can assist you in this purpose too. Our banner designers are aware of requirements of your audience and thus, they can make your promotions successful.
In addition of above techniques, we use HTML5, CSS3 and infographics to create a great site for your business. Not only desktop sites, from our web designing company, you will get services for creating nice user-interface for the mobile sites too.


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